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14 Aug 2002

Here is the transcript of the 'exclusive' AOL chat. No need to join AOL :) Oh yeah, today is also Kieren's birthday :)

2 Aug 2002

Want to see all Kieren's expert comments and articles by Kieren on the swimming at the current Commonwealth Games? Go here.

27 Jul 2002

News added. Kieren is doing some coverage for Channel 7 and the Sydney Morning Herald of the 2002 Commonwealth Games. There's a chat scheduled with him too.

I have some new videos which I'll get round to uploading soon :) Including rare footage of his first outing at the Commonwealth Games of 1990!

2 Jun 2002

News added.

12 Mar 2002

News added.
Some stuff added to
Year by Year Stats section.

18 Jan 2002

I have *finally* added new pics to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics photo gallery, there are 40 new ones and better quality/larger copies of some of the old ones, check it out.

9 Dec 2001

News added

25 Nov 2001

New pics of Perkins items such as autographed 2000 Olympics 1500m freestyle heats and finals tickets, Kieren's updated plaque at Sydney Aquatic Centre, Kieren's plaque at Olympic Park.

23 Nov 2001

News added

20 Nov 2001

1996 articles from SWIMNews Online transferred here (due to deletion at swimnews.com)

NBCOlympics Kieren Perkins profile pages transfered here (due to nbcolympics.com switching to salt lake city 2002...)

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