Kieren Perkins Photos

These are photos I took at the Telstra League final on 8th August 1998. They all have Kieren, a couple have other big name Australian swimmers too. Please don't take them/use them on your website, because they're mine!


Kieren sits waiting for the start of the race...

...jumps up and down

...stands on the block (next to him is Ian Thorpe)

...and emerges victorious after winning the race!

Kieren in the foreground, Susie O'Neill and Sam Riley in the background

Kieren dries himself off

Kieren sits with Susie O'Neill and Sam Riley

Surrounded by the media

Signing some autographs

Kieren's overflowing plaque at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Here's the plaque they have to Kieren at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre. As you can see, when he wins something else they'll have to get a new plaque bigger than everyone elses' to fit it all on! The text reads: Awarded the 1994 FINA prize for exceptional achievements, Kieren Perkins, OAM, has dominated middle and distance swimming since 1992, becoming both Olympic and World Champion. He is the first Australian to win the 1500m freestyle at two Olympics. They also have a photo of him and an autograph with To the best pool I swam in the world displayed there.


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