Queensland Academy of Sport swimmer profile

This profile used to be on the QAS website, http://www.uq.net.au/~zzqas/profiles/swimming.htm, which unfortunately has vanished without trace. However, here is Kieren's profile, (with its accompanying photo!) there were some for other swimmers but those have gone, sorry. By the looks of things the profile dates from late 1995.


Kieren's pic from the QAS website- gold in Barcelona 1992Swimming - Kieren Perkins

Date of Birth

14th of August, 1973, Born in Brisbane



Marital Status



John Carew

Training venues


Training schedule

2 sessions every day, 6 days a week

Local club


Major sponsors

Eyeline, Uncle Toby's.

Favourite event

1500 freestyle, 400 freestyle

Major competitions

Monte Carlo International-1989, Rome International-1990, Commonwealth Games-1990, World Championships-1991, Pan Pacs-1991, USA Open Championships-1991, Olympic Games-Barcelona-1992, Asia Oceania Grand Prix 1993, Pan Pacs-1993, Commonwealth Games-1994, World Championships-1994, Pan Pacs-1995

Favourite competition locality

Homebush in Sydney and Chandler in Brisbane

If you weren't an athlete what would you do?

Not a valid question !!!!

Medals won

1990-Commonwealth Silver, 1992-Olympic Gold and Silver, 1994-Commonwealth Games- 4 Gold medals

Most satisfying win

400 freestyle at World Championships, 1994 and 1500 freestyle at Olympics 1992

Most admired sportsperson

Wayne Gardiner

Most difficult opponent

The clock

Biggest triumph

1500 freestyle, 1992

Favourite pastimes


Favourite holiday destination


Favourite food


Pet hates


Most valued possession

Olympic Gold medal

Current ambitions

Olympic Gold

Life goals

To complete swimming career and make successful transition to business.

If you were on a deserted island who would you like to be with?

Not prepared to answer that

What do you miss about Australia when you are away?




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