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MicrosoftsThese videos are from Wide World of Sports' KL98 site, and require the Microsoft Media Player (v 3.0+), which, believe it or not, is a good download as you can also play MP3's, Quicktime etc.

Kieren Perkins - 1994 Commonwealth Games

See him break both the 800 and 1500m freestyle world record in the same swim!

Description from Website:The wholesome pin-up boy of the pool swims into the hearts of all Australians, producing a new record for both the 800m and the 1500m and stopping the nation in his wake.

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Athlete Profiles: Kieren Perkins

Profile-type video filmed before 1998 Commonwealth games. See Kieren train, talk...

Description from website: The Golden Boy of the pool has provided Australia with many memorable sporting moments, but, he still hopes to achieve a few more goals.

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Downloadable VIDEOS

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These are new videos which are larger/better quality than the ones previously on the site.   

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Atlanta 1996 Olympics - Scenes from his gold medal swim.

  • MPEG (4.13 MB
  • AVI (5.72MB

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Olympic Profile  - profile type video showing footage of Kieren at the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics.  AVI (4.25MB

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1994 Commonwealth Games: Underwater Footage - If you want to 'swim like Kieren' (technique) you can watch him swimming in slow motion underwater during his 800/1500m world record swim. AVI (2.29MB


Barcelona 1992 Olympics - Scenes from his world record 1500m freestyle gold. MPEG (4.05MB

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2000 Olympics Heat - Scenes from his 2000 Olympics 1500m heat swim.

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  • AVI (5.78MB

Sound Clips

Kieren Perkins Interview - from early 2000, by ABC Online. Kieren talks about Olympics, training, Olympic trials, world records and more! Requires Media Player, or try G2 Realplayer version

Kieren Perkins Olympic trials preview - a short career overview from May 2000, by ABC Online. Not very comprehensive but includes some very nice sound bytes of Kieren over the years. Requires Media Player. Be amused by the fact they think he likely won't make the Olympic team (!)

perkins.wav (126k) - ABC Radio's coverage of Kieren's gold medal swim at 1996 Olympics. "Look at Perkins, he has killed them..." etc.

Caloundra training camp press conference - from June 2000, Kieren talks about his post-trials experience, reflects perfectionistically on Olympic trials, the crowd's reaction, and in a nice though cunningly experienced way about Grant Hackett. RequiresMedia Player or try Realplayer version.

2000 Olympics 1500m heat press conference - Report with sound clips from Kieren's press conference after his impressive 1500m heat. And another report about the heat swim with more sound bytes from Kieren. (Requires Media Player.)

US Open - from Dec 1999 (requires G2 Realplayer or better), one of Kieren's 'comeback' swims where he swam 15:07 untapered, a few sec. behind Hackett (and more than 17sec ahead of 3rd placed Vendt.) Fast forward to 29:20 for the 1500m.

24/09/00 interview - Kieren talks about his family. (requires Realplayer 8+)


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