More StuffKieren Perkins- Australian flagbearer at 1998 Commonwealth Games!

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Swimming the 1500m out fast - a must read

What makes Kieren Great?

How Champions do it- Kieren Perkins

Scientific Analysis- Kieren Perkins

Interview 13 Aug 2000

Interview from Aug 13 1999

Interview from May 24 2000

Where to send fanmail

A Superfish's schedule

Top 10 1500m swims ever

Kieren's top 15 swims

Articles and results

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Perkins accomplishes his mission impossible

Perkins, the man with the Pentium mind

Susie and Kieren strike double gold

King Kieren makes Games history

Golden Perkins proves he's still king of the pool

Superfish's finest moment

Perkins churns up the pool and swamps TV ratings

Perkins' former arch rival admits use of steroids!

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Kieren Perkins Fan Club

Profile - Kieren Perkins - lovely page from the Queensland Swimming Association site

Australian Swimming Inc.'s Kieren Perkins athlete profile, dating from mid -1996.

Kieren Perkins Bio from NBC's Olympics site - pretty cool, far better than their coverage of Kieren at the 1996 Olympics, where they not only failed to show the 1500 final, but didn't even mention its existence >:(

Uncle Tobys website -a sponsor of Kieren Perkins, with stuff about him and also swimmer Sam Riley

Australians- Kieren Perkins- actually a transcript from a TV show. The TV version is better (all that cool footage!), but it's nice to read, includes quotes from Kieren.

Encyclopedia Entry - Kieren Perkins - By Encarta. Nice page :)

Chlorine Central: Kieren Perkins - Nice page

Commercial Swimming Club - Kieren's swim club

About the 1996 Olympics- [email protected] tons of stories, photo galleries, diaries etc.

Further proof that even going only on dry Olympic medal stats, Kieren is the greatest distance swimmer and greatest Australian male Olympian of all time.

Queensland Academy of Sport Swimmer Profiles - The site has gone, but you can still see Kieren's profile.

The stuff that legends are made of- Tribute to Kieren's Atlanta Olympic victory. Pretty cool.

Australian Olympic Commitee- Kieren Perkins- it's actually part of their secondary school information kit. Very interesting and...educational :)

Where you can buy that Kieren Perkins book which was published in 1997. (It's not by Kieren though.) And in $US. Pic of book.

Team 2000: Kieren Perkins - Relatively comprehensive Perkins profile. A couple of great quotes here.

Kieren Perkins- A True Champion- Nice little tribute, even if it is sort of familiar...

Australian Sport Through Time - Swimming - Swimming champions are pitted against each other. Try the 1500m freestyle and see how much Kieren wins by!

Athletes: Kieren Perkins - from ABC Online's Olympics section, pretty nice small information page on Kieren.

Official Site of the Sydney 2000 Olympics - Kieren Perkins Profile. Fairfax article about Kieren.


Swimnews Online-make sure you check out articles and photo gallery

Mind Training for Swimmers

Ian Thorpe Fansite

Another Thorpe Site

Daniel Kowalski and Matt Dunn Fansite



Swimmer Olympic Survivor Show - humour article by Swimmer magazine

Game - Fun Olympic themed game online. Click on Kieren and Cathy, don't click on Grant :)

Online Jigsaw Puzzle - Oh hell, Kieren has come to pieces...well the picture of him anyway. Of course you'll have to put it back together :) There's a wallpaper of him too.

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