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1992-1996 -

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Kieren at the 1992 Olympic Trials, where he broke the 400 and 1500m world records in the space of 48 hours.


World Record at Olympic Trials

1992 Olympic Trials

Another day, another world record

...and another gold medal

Kieren trains before the Olympics in 1992

One of my all-time favourite pics

Kieren hugging a fish for a photographic exhibition. "Kieren was charming, and happy to do anything," said the photographer. "He has a good sense of humour and that is so important."

Who said swimming was stressful?

Kieren with a dolphin

Matt Dunn and Scott Miller throw Kieren in the pool (fully clothed)

Kieren (left) with Glen Houseman at the 1994 Australian Championships

Kieren training at Maroochydore with the 1994 Commonwealth Games team

Kieren at a Commonwealth Games training camp in 1994

Kieren at the QLD State Championships 1995

1995 QLD State Championships

Kieren at Australian Championships 1995

In the pool

QLD State Championships 1996

Kieren at QLD Championships 1996

A beautiful pic of Kieren swimming

Kieren at Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Your country needs YOU

Kieren swims the 400 at the 1996 Olympic Trials

Oh, the pain!

A Superfish out of water - Kieren attempts to relieve his stress by lying in the baby pool, 1996 Olympic Trials

400m freestyle medal ceremony, 1996 Olympic trials

Kieren waves before the 1500 at the Olympic Trials

Kieren swims the 1500 at the 1996 Olympic Trials

Winner Daniel-'Don't worry Kieren. It's not the end of the world..just the end of your Olympic gold medal'

Kieren at the Olympic Trials 1996

Kieren gets the silver and scrapes onto the team. Daniel Kowalski wins and becomes the gold medal favourite

Daniel-'I'm going to win in Atlanta!' Kieren- 'At least I made the team..'

Kieren at the NSW Invitational 1996

Kieren at the Sydney Invitational 1996

Kieren (left) with Atlanta gold medal favourite Daniel Kowalski (who got silver, of course!)



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