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Kieren after breaking both the 800m and 1500m world records...in the one swimThis site is not the property of Kieren Perkins, the opinions stated are the opinions of the author and may not be those of Kieren, and the site is not endorsed by Kieren in any way. Though he has seen the site, so I'm told...

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[Okay, okay, I couldn't resist...]

"Here at total sports we have all agreed you are a true unbiased and unashamed fan of Kieren...by the looks of the work you have put into your site, you are definitely a Kieren Perkins fan..."

"let me say your perkins page is the best web page i've ever seen tributed to an athlete, any athlete. and you and i both know how little credit great swimmers get..."

"just had to write to congratulate you on your magnificent site!! I was just trying to get some information on his great 800m swim last weekend, when I stumbled on your "unofficial" website. Judging by its popularity, it should be the "official unofficial kieren perkins home page"! I am most surprised he has not endorsed it. I can not imagine how much time you put into this site, but it is simply breath-taking! This is the first Kieren Perkins site I have seen on the web, and I don't think I will be looking for any more, as after seeing yours, I will only be disappointed!"

"I must congratulate you on your website. You have no idea how good it is! I dont know what to say to make you understand how good I think it is. You can find those addresses on the net that have all the technical stuff, but nothing about him, BUT your has BOTH. It is absolutely fantastic! It has personal info, statistical, photos, history, scientific, media reports...everything. and it is nice to know that it is kept up to date, even as our favourite man travels around!.."

"This is certainly one of the best and most comprehensive sites I have EVER seen! Hats off to you and your undoubtedly tireless work!!! As a shrine to Kieren Perkins, this is certainly a top effort and without peer. Keep up the good work!!..."

 Aww shucks
My best praise:
"That's nice!" - Kieren, about my website. I told Kieren's coach about it at the 1998 NSW State Champs, and he told Kieren, and that's what Kieren said... (okay, okay, I'm clutching at straws :)

M E D I A  M E N T I O N S

Sydney Morning Herald, 26/08/00
The Unofficial Kieren Perkins Web site
As well as being the "greatest swimmer in history", wonderman Kieren Perkins is tipped to carry the flag into Stadium Australia for the opening ceremony, according to the news section on this site. Flick back through some of the Queenslander's greatest achievements, including that miracle swim in Atlanta where he went from qualifying last to winning gold in the1500-metres final. If he can do the same in Sydney, he'll become "the first male swimmer in history to win 3 consecutive Olympic titles for the same event."

 The Australian, 24/08/00
[from a list of top 10 Olympic websites to watch]
7. kierenperkins.org
It is surprising how many unofficial websites there are for athletes. This one is produced by a fan who makes no secret of his/her feelings. "Kieren Perkins is the greatest swimmer in Australian history... he's the greatest Australian athlete of al time," says the introduction on the homepage. The best part is the impressive list of statistics and articles compiled from Australian newspapers about Perkins' career.

Sydney Morning Herald, Icon, 06/05/00
The Unofficial Kieren Perkins Web Site
Just about everything that he's ever done seems to have been documented. But there's one question that's not answered - did he really write his name on his milk?

Oct 1999, several hundred local newspapers
Kieren Perkins
To the pool where Kieren Perkins has been called the greatest swimmer in history since breaking 12 world records and being the only person to hold the Olympic, World, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific titles simultaneously. He won Olympic gold in 1992 and 1996 and has his sights fixed on a third successive Olympic 1500m freestyle gold medal in 2000. This site is a worthy homage to a great athlete. It includes biography, photos, news, quotes and more.



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