Kieren Perkins Biography
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Gearing up

Kieren gets the keys to yet another cityKieren was awarded the prestigious Young Australian of the Year award  and the Order of Australia Medal for his many feats (as well as many other honours). After the Olympics Kieren took a 3 month break from swimming. There was some talk he would quit the gruelling 1500m to concentrate on the 200 and 400m, which he would no doubt have been exceptional at. But soon Kieren was back in the water and back to his pet distance events.

Ealy in 1993, Kieren entered the shortcourse Grand Prix events. "I find it hard to settle into my rhythm in short pools and I'm still not 100% fit," he warned. He then proceeded to smash his 1500m shortcouse world record by almost 10 sec. 10 days later he smashed the 800m shortcouse world record by 4 seconds en-route to winning the 1500m race. Kieren may have gone even faster if he had not wasted time by looking up at the scoreboard several times during the race. After 800 he stopped, looked at the clock, and performed a majestic porpoise-like victory roll before going on to win in 14:49.18. The record still stands as the oldest men's shortcourse record in the book.

In August 1993, Kieren won the 400, 800 and 1500m freestyle at the Pan Pacs. In September he was an extremely vital part of the winning Sydney 2000 Olympic bid. As the bid committee chairman said, "Daylight came second to Kieren Perkins."

 Early in 1994, at the Commonwealth trials, Kieren was surprisingly beaten into 2nd in the 200, 400 and 1500m freestyle by Daniel Kowalski. There was some talk he had lost his magic touch, but Kieren was merely gearing up for his biggest year yet...

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