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Sunday Telegraph featuring Kieren (The Greatest) after his Atlanta victory[click for bigger size]









Cover Boy for Swimming World magazine 

He's World Swimmer of the Year!

Perkins' 1500m top effort
The Courier Mail, Dec 16 1989

Kieren set for a spot in history
The Courier Mail, Aug 23, 1991

Salnikov's record falls to Perkins
Sports Illustrated September 1991

World Record to Perkins
The Courier Mail, Feb 3 1992

Slow pool can't stop record breaking Kieren
The Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 15, 1992

Perkins shatters world 400m record
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 4 1992

Kieren beats world again
The Courier Mail, April 6 1992

Perkins vs Hoffman
Sports Illustrated Olympic Preview Issue 1992

Perkins keeps a date with destiny
The Sydney Morning Herald, July 31 1992

Swim of the Century
The Courier-Mail, Aug 1 1992

The Courier-Mail, Sep 19 1992

Kieren smashes world record
The Daily Telegraph, July 26 1993

Perkins: A big fish in a big pond, and loving every minute of it
The Sydney Morning Herald, Mar 15 1994

Perkins disobeys his way into history
The Sydney Morning Herald, August 25 1994

Even Kieren was stunned
The Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 11, 1994

Mindgames begin for Kowalski vs The King
The Sunday Telegraph, July 21 1996

 Perkins goes into legend
The Age, July 1996

Perkins finds his heart of gold
The Sun Herald, July 28 1996

King Kieren- Now for Sydney
The Sunday Telegraph, July 28 1996

The doubts, glory and future- 1500m race Superfish tells all
The Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 6 1996

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Long Live The King
The Sun-Herald, Sept 24 2000

Perkins' former arch rival admits use of steroids! (1997)

More Articles (out of site)

Perkins accomplishes his mission impossible

The Sydney Morning Herald, 29/07/96

Perkins, the man with the Pentium mind

The Sydney Morning Herald, 29/07/96

Susie and Kieren strike double gold

The Age, July 1996

King Kieren makes Games history

The Age, July 1996

Golden Perkins proves he's still king of the pool

The Sydney Morning Herald, July 1996

Superfish's finest moment

The Age, July 1996

Perkins churns up the pool and swamps TV ratings

The Sydney Morning Herald, July 1996


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