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Kieren Perkins is the greatest swimmer in history! He has broken 12 world records and is the first person in history to hold the Olympic, World, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific titles simultaneously for the same event. In addition he holds the records for all of these. The world record holder for the 400, 800 and 1500m freestyle, Kieren has revolutionised swimming in Australia, entered his nation's psyche and become the stuff of legend.

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Kieren Perkins training at the 1996 Olympics
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Sydney 2000 Olympics
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Interview May 2001
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Kieren's Back In Training (23/11/01)

Plaques honour Kieren (15/09/01)

Off to Fukuoka (14/07/01)

Kieren Perkins writes while training in Atlanta if you like Kieren Perkins!


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"He's shown that he can do it. If anyone knows that, I do because I have the silver medal at home to prove it."
- Daniel Kowalski, Olympic 1500m silver medallist

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